Luxor (Thebes)

Luxor or LXR is one the largest, richest and best-known archeological site in the whole world. Its about 504 km(313 miles) south of Cairo. On the East Bank, beneath the modern city of luxor, lie the remains of an ancient town that from about 1500 to 1000 B.C


The Name of  Thebes:

Luxor was once known as ancient Thebes (it’s names given by the Greek), while the ancient Egyptians called it Waset means scepter. The more recent name for Thebes, “Luxor” derives from the Arabic Al Qsoor means “palaces

Within it the Egyptians had built the huge Karnak temple, Luxor temple, the palaces of the pharaohs and the priests.

On the west bank of  Thebes (LXR) lies the Theban necropolis where thousands of tombs and a big number of temples were found such as, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut temple, Medint Habu Temple, Valley of the Workers known as “Deir El Medina” ….etc one day is never enough to explore and see the ancient and modern city


Luxor Today:

Today Luxor is divided by the river Nile like the ancient one; the west side includes most of the archaeological sites, few fields, a huge mountain (called the west bank mountain) and a desert behind it.

The east side is the place where Karnak and Luxor temples are, Luxor museum, Mummification Museum, most of the hotels/hostels and so many different restaurants.


How To Reach Luxor?

By Flight:

Luxor international airport is around 4 miles (6Km) east of the city, can be reached from most cities all over the world (charter flights) and there are daily domestic flights from CAI to LXR vice versa  and it takes around 60 minutes.

By Trains:

Egypt has quite good railway system and lots of travelers use the sleeper train from Cairo to LXR, it takes around 9hrs

Note: If you are traveling using a train and heading to catch a flight out of Egypt, this might risk missing it in case your train is late.

-Some can’t sleep with some loud sound around them, those trains sound loud compared to the ones in the US or UK

By Road:

Although LXR is connected by road to Cairo but as a tourist you won’t be allowed to drive from Cairo (plus its too tiring and very long way) so the only 2 alternatives will be rail or flight. But you can drive from Hurghada, Marsa Alam or Qusir (the red sea area).

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